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Disinfectant Service

Disinfectant Sanitize and Virucide Services with Patriot Pest Management. We have products to protect your home, business and vehicles from germs and especially the most recent threat the Corona virus.

We can treat you specified areas in your home or business even your vehicle.

Our all in one solution is highly effective against disease causing bacteria. It is a powerful virucide, capable of killing the viruses you have read about in today’s headlines. Our product in a quick glance: Kills harmful germs, bacteria, fungi, and viruses such a H1N1, Human Coronavirus, Hepatitis, Hantavirus, Avian flu, Staph, E. Coli., including HIV. The product is mixed with water and can be sprayed in any environment. Once the product has dried the area can be re-occupied. If you are concerned that your home or office has been contaminated this may be the service for you. $200.00 per room.

There is no long-term residual for this service. The average virucide last approximately 12-24 hours. Then personal sanitation and precautionary steps should be followed.

This is not a cure for any disease or virus.

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